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„Let’s look for social connections, talk about our feelings, and listen to others, so we can help not only ourselves but also our peers avoid stress and make life easier.”

Stress. It is the response of the human body to external influences. And I think it’s humanity’s biggest problem.

Let’s think about it. Since our awakening, we’ve been under stress in this or another way. Kindergarten, school, workplace and virtually the whole world is a potential source of stress. It is bad to say, but it is unavoidable, whatever we do for it. There is a healthy level of it, I am sorry to see, however, both in my environment and in the world, that in many cases it prevails over us, and there are physical and mental signs of it. That’s why it’s important to know what the root causes are and what we really need to deal with.

We usually stress unwittingly, making it harder to manage it properly. A common source can be the lack of human relationships, the various trials that life presents us or a traumatic event, for example, the loss of an important relative or close friend. It can also be the emotions that are bottled up inside us, which begin to eat away at us slowly from the inside, and then force us into stress, or society and the constant compulsion to conform as is there was always a level imposed on us that we have to live up to or, at my age, growing up. Many don’t want to accept that this is going to happen. They want to feel safe, that someone will solve their problems and take care of them.

Life is rushing, and we have to keep up with it, but sometimes we need to stop for a moment and take a look around. Notice what your body and mind give you, and try to pay attention to the people around you. The sooner we recognize this, the easier it will be to get it done. It’s a cascading process. If stress starts, you start going down a seemingly endless staircase, and can sink to the point from where there is hardly a way back, or you might have to struggle with its consequences for a lifetime.

Sudden stress is easier and better to manage. This can be an unexpected task at work or a bad grade at school. In this case, sadness, frightenment or horror, or loss of appetite can be observed. However, there is a much more troubling and severe way of stressing, when it becomes persistent or all-encompassing and a crucial part of our daily lives, in which case we can talk about persistent stress. This is far from a game as the reactions of our body can hinder us from moving forward in our lives. This can include anxiety, accompanied by fear, feeling unwell, tension and sleep disturbance, or by anger, apathy, disappearance of emotions and happiness, depression, persistent malaise, panic attacks, but also physical signs such as obesity or thinness and hair loss. Let’s not let things get out of hand, but try to prevent them instead.

There is a possibility of healing and reducing stress. We need to get over the big problems of everyday life and see that life is not only dark and full of troubles, but it has a beautiful side as well. Find social relationships, talk about your feelings, and listen to other people’s feelings, so you can help not only yourself but your peers as well to avoid stress, and make life easier, because you have somewhere to turn for advice and feel like you belong somewhere. Let us accept ourselves so that we do not at least stand at war with ourselves, thus eliminating a source of stress, and know that we are indeed an important part of society, not just a grain of sand on the beach.

In summary: stress is there with us each and every day. The question is, who controls who? We the stress or the stress us.