Sára’s (17) entry

„One day it’s -3C °, and the next day it’s 10C °. Is that normal?”

Life. The word „life” brings up different thoughts in every person, depending on what life means to them. Family, work, affection, money, partying, travelling, love, children, studying, and so on.

If you had to choose three things that mean something to you, which ones would you choose? Would you include health, security or future?

Although we don’t realise it, climate change is a daily problem in the 21st century. Think about it: one day it’s -3°C and the next day it’s 10°C. Is this normal? The answer is obviously: no!

The weather is extreme, and taking painkillers has become almost a habit for a person prone to migraines. These are „only” two reasons to make people aware of the consequences of climate change, but I haven’t even mentioned the future and our Earth.

Future. A beautiful and thought-provoking word. Here, too, opinions can be divided, with some people thinking about next week’s final exams and others thinking about starting a family. What these two things have in common is that they are full of hope, and hope is backed up by faith.

The importance of faith is rarely emphasized. If we do not believe that this world, this situation, can be saved, it will not be!

It is indeed important not to throw away a cigarette, not to drive to the shop 500 metres away, and not to buy all the useless junk that you then throw in the nearest bin.

These are small things, but they can cause huge damage. If we give in to all these things, we won’t be able to overcome them!

Of the more than 7 billion people on our planet, very few feel responsible for keeping our climate work properly.

I want the children of the future to grow up in a healthy world, and I want tree planting to be a useful but natural programme. I want them not to have to fight to stop littering every day. I want them to go sledging in winter with a big smile on their face in the middle of beautiful snowfall, in the right time of the year. I want them not to have to worry about their grandparents and how they can cope with the weather, and finally, I want them to enjoy the beauty of nature in peace.

What do you want?

Life. A wonderful thing indeed. To wake up to sunshine and chirping birds, a child’s first giggle, first love, earning a degree, experiencing healing, traveling to foreign but breathtaking places, reading/learning a wonderful story and finally, the passing of an all-encompassing life full of experiences and love.

We cannot deprive humanity of all this!

Take care of our Earth, for She gives us everything!