Liza’s (19) entries

„The teacher answers you when you haven’t learned.”

Relax, no stress! It’s easy to say, especially when you’re calm, isn’t it? But you’d like to run away from the world, if only someone would help you. Or rather not. You’re anxious, you’re insecure, and they say that’s normal. Don’t get nervous and everything will be all right. Now that’s what doesn’t calm the nervous down, especially when they feel that nothing is all right at all.

They say life is like a roller coaster. There are ups and downs. There is the point from where you can’t go lower, and then comes the “up”. But once you’re up, there is a steep road down. Stress is the part of a rollercoaster where you don’t know when you’re going to get to the top, you’re just going up. And also, when you’re falling into the depths and you have no idea where the bottom is. Life is stressful, we can clearly conclude. Of course, there are people who, for reasons that are incomprehensible to me, enjoy this amusement park game, which I would liken to a near-death experience. I get into that tight car, pull the security lever in front of me, and then wonder why it’s called a security arm, because it doesn’t seem secure at all. But I can no longer get out. You can’t get out of your weekdays, either, even if you stop, you’re forced to drift with the flow. Your stomach’s cramping because you know something bad could happen at any moment. You step aside on the sidewalk, the teacher calls you out to answer when you didn’t prepare, you’re not done with your job by the deadline, you crash the car, and a thousand other little things that have a low chance of happening. „But never zero, you may rightly say. As we move higher up the track, the adrenaline built up inside you expands your veins, causing your heart to beat faster and faster. Your muscles tighten, your head is pounding, and you find yourself breathing harder and harder. Your body has reacted to stress and as you were an alarm bird, it feels now that there’s a problem. Your thoughts are on what will happen if… You’re constantly tense, nervous and tired, but you can’t sleep because you’re on a rollercoaster and you are terrified, night after night. Since you don’t get rest, this will happen again the next day. Stress has become a part of your life. You don’t eat or you eat too much. Your stomach is burning, you have nausea. Meanwhile, your adrenal glands are constantly producing antistress hormone, but to no avail, as you’re nervous. And we haven’t even reached the top of the rollercoaster yet. Your hair is falling out, your hormone balance has been upset, and you don’t even know where your head is. You want it to be over. Then the roller coaster suddenly stops. You’re up on top, but you are not admiring the view, although you would see the whole town from here. Instead, you close your eyes and you’re terrified of what’s going to happen next. The queue of cars suddenly starts, everyone screams, and you fall into the depths. The real trouble is just coming. Stomach ulcers, diabetes, reflux, panic attacks, high blood pressure all the way to heart attacks and strokes. That’s what you have become because you didn’t enjoy the roller coaster ride.

I think … that no one should live like this. How much better it would be if, instead of fear, one could enjoy everything that happens to him. Watching the view from the top of the world and enjoying speeding even faster than the wind until you reach the end of the ride, as this is only a temporary condition. Because one day it’s going to end, and you can only go one more round if you buy another ticket. But who would want to go through this over and over again? The source of stress in most cases is that we can never be satisfied with what we have. We always want more and more, and then we fear failure. Are you nervous about something? Can you do something to solve your problem? If so, act. But if you can’t, worry won’t help. So relax, no stress!