Réka’s (16) entries

„We are expected to solve this, even though it could have been prevented.”

Everyone knows our generation. Some people know us, or rather think of us, as bringing destruction to the world because we are not strong and persistent enough, and lack all the other good qualities that the previous generation believed to possess. Others think that we will bring change to the world with our creativity, our perseverance, and I could go on and on. Of course, different people from different age groups might have different opinions of us. And these are the two extremes, but no one speaks about the road leading there.

But what does that road mean for us? Plenty of challenges, hardships and difficulties, but, above all, tremendous opportunities we should take advantage of. But life is not always that beautiful. We are taught that we have as many tasks as we are given, but the possibilities are endless.

Exercise is freedom! We are always told to do exercises regularly. Of course, that would be normal if everyone could work out and play sports as they pleased. And many people do so, even if it means less free time or less time for studying. Although it is leisure time itself, and doing exercise helps with learning as well, the only problem is time. It takes a lot of perseverance, and I think we should all respect that kind of commitment. We should be shown more opportunities to do these things. In the current situation, especially if we don’t meet face to face, some people may lose the motivation they had in gym class. Going as high, as fast and as far as you can, breaking records and things like that is what have driven people who have broken those records at least once. From then on, they just have to compete against themselves.

But it is also and especially important for a healthy life to have regular and proper rest for recovery, because overworking can destroy you. And you can drink all the soft drinks you want, but the best refreshing and energising drink is water. It’s also very good for recovery, what more, and it even helps you lose weight, that is in your fight against obesity, which has become an endemic. Yes, it may be a cliché, but if one starts to live more healthily, one can feel the effects of it, for which one will be grateful.

The world we are born into. We are born into a very polluted world anyway, which requires a lot of unwanted and unnecessary energy from us. It is very difficult to reverse this whole process, if not impossible. We are expected to fix it, when it could have been prevented. It’s on our shoulders to a large extent, on top of all the stress we are under every day. There are many activists, one of the names that has come up recently, but is perhaps on the wane by now is that of Greta Thunberg. Many people have said that what she is doing is unnecessary, but I think she will still have an impact on the future. It’s true that there are activists who also are doing things and not only saying, like in politics, for example. Of course, that is also important, but there is an interesting thing. Boyan Slat’s ocean clean-up structure, the clean-up system “System 001” has already done a lot to clean the environment, to improve the future. It’s not perfect yet, of course, but small steps will make big things happen.

Addictions. I found this topic very interesting, it’s a pity that it can only be written on 1 page, and although I could have done more, it wouldn’t be fair. So, there are some really horrible drugs that you shouldn’t try, they ruin your life etc. These are the things you hear in school lectures, but it’s neither a deterrent, nor a disincentive. If someone wants to use them, they will. It is the same with alcoholism and gambling, but these people can only be helped by themselves. If they don’t make a decision that enough is enough, no matter how others try to help, they will fall back. Of course, it is very important to try to help, but the problem has to be solved by these people themselves.

I would just like to say in conclusion that living healthier is a lot of work, and if you set out to do it, it can be a big burden, and if you fail, that’s fine, but you have to get up and carry on, because life goes on and will not care if you fall behind. That’s life, but if you fight these things, or even start at all, you’re strong, and if you fail, you will know that you are human as well.