Zselyke’s (10) entry

„My mom has been paying close attention to what I eat since I was a child, I really like everything, especially vegetables.”

I’m happy about this topic because health is important to me. My great-grandfather lived to be 103 years old, and I also want to live that long. Even at the age of 100, he was still healthy, took no medication, and could move around without difficulty. He worked all the time, went out to the vineyards, kept bees, and didn’t eat much at one time.

My mum has been very careful about what I eat since I was little, I love everything, especially vegetables. Luckily, I’m rarely sick. I do a lot of exercise, I play basketball twice a week and have athletics training three times a week. I can study better afterwards, I don’t get tired, even though I have PE lessons at school every day. My grades are also very good. My favourite fruit is apples, I eat 2-3 apples every day. I also love spinach and broccoli, which I eat steamed for dinner. I also eat onions, garlic and horseradish for dinner. I also like mussels and crab with my vegetables in the evening, or salami, which my daddy makes. I don’t eat cold cuts, my parents don’t even buy them. I also really like eggs and cheese, my favourite is Parmesan cheese. We don’t buy them in the shops, we buy them at the market. At school I eat lunch in the canteen, but it’s not like at home.

My mum cooks every day, she also makes mushrooms in the evening, I love that too. I like wood ear and shiitake mushrooms best. We have our own honey, I eat that too. I like water best, I always drink it, very rarely juice. I eat at least five times a day. I have a glass of water first thing in the morning and then I have breakfast. At school I have elevenses, my mum packs it for me every day, I have lunch at school. I have a snack at home in the afternoon, mostly yoghurt, and dinner at around 6 p.m. After dinner, at 7 o’clock, I usually eat apples and nuts or peanuts. I also have a favourite of those, pecans. I like to eat very much. We don’t eat meat at home every day, usually only at weekends. I like all kind of meat, my mum cooks rabbit and lamb. On Sundays we always cook meat soup, from which I like marrowbone. There is a fish shop in the street next to us, we often buy fish, for example common, silver and crucian carp, but I like sterlet the best. We have also got fresh fish from the sea several times, of which squid is my favourite. My mother doesn’t like frozen food, so she only cooks fresh.

We also have a garden, luckily, there are many things growing there. In the summer we can tomatoes, I love tomato soup and stuffed peppers. We also have sprouts at home, I eat them almost every day. We buy chocolate with 70% or more cocoa in it. We’ve also bought cocoa beans, which I eat every day. I also take vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin D. I like to eat, I like and taste everything, for example I like vegetable curry very much, but I can’t even list how many things I like. I’m in bed by 8 p.m. every night to get enough sleep. Everybody thinks that I have a lot of energy and don’t get tired, and they also say that I have a nice figure.