Albert’s (12) entries

„I think we should pay attention to water the most, because water is life.”

One of the most important things in my life is water. Whether it is fresh water or salt water, I can miss both of them very much when I cannot have them. I miss water the most when I’m thirsty or feeling dirty. Enjoying the sea is not a necessity, but at the same time I love its blue color and purity. I can’t wait to swim in it in the summer. It makes me feel very good. And when I am no longer thirsty, I’m clean and I enjoy myself, I have everything.

Many factors influence the change of our climate and cause quickly extreme weather. Unfortunately, even scientists can’t foretell what will exactly happen if we do not change our current habits, if we continue to act the same way and do not realize that we must act as soon as possible.

I think we should pay attention to water the most, because water is life. Because water is the present and future of our planet. If the unity of marine life, for example due to plastic pollution, is destroyed, some species die out and others proliferate, it will cause an imbalance that will result in less oxygen production. That would be fatal.

Let us not waste or pollute our waters. Discharges of pollutants into water should be reduced or eliminated.

Indirectly, I also pollute our waters with PET bottles and nylon bags. I write this because we used a lot of nylon bags and PET bottles from week to week with my family. We started using textile bags a couple of years ago. Today, we reject nylon bags in stores. The bottles will soon be replaced with flasks as well. The hurdle before this so far was not the lack of flasks, but our own laziness, the preference for „comfortable PET bottle”. We bought it, drank our water from it and then threw it away. We have a little more work with our flasks, because we have to fill it with water at the beginning of the day, then wash it at the end of the day and refill it the next day. It is not complicated, it only takes a few minutes.

I also realized my own wasting habits, and realized that I waste a lot of things. For example, I now pay attention to not use water unnecessarily during showering. It was not easy to start or to follow, because one of my favorite relaxing activities was to stand under the shower at the end of the day just like that. I have remorse because of this.

It is my experience that with little care we can notice our environmentally damaging habits. Then we must simply decide to change them.

We can succeed!