Jázmin’s (14) entries

„I do not think that selective waste collection is a sufficient solution, we must strive for the drastic reduction of the amount of waste and the recycling thereof.”

I have always considered our planet and its protection to be the most important thing! My classmates also labeled me with the name „conservationist„.

I think children eyes give a better insight into the situation and destiny of our world. At this time, it is not money and self-interest that matter, but the protection of this wonderful planet that we have received as a gift.

I think a lot about what I could change if I was an influential person. That is why I was happy for this application.

We ourselves are the cause of the destruction of our Earth!

One source of the problems is the immense accumulation of waste and the release of harmful substances just to make our lives more comfortable.

The first thing I would do would be to have scientists around me who would develop an environmentally friendly material that could replace plastics and plastic derivatives. In addition, I would eliminate unnecessary use of plastics and give priority to recycling.

I do not think that selective waste collection is a sufficient solution, but a drastic reduction in the amount of waste and its recycling are required.

Another source of problems is that a lot of people live on Earth, and so unfortunately we produce a lot of waste, most of it unnecessarily. In stores, a significant proportion of products and food are not bought by the customers and so they get trashed. The manufacturing of these products is very burdensome for the environment. I would reduce the supply of food. This would make livestock farming and crop production more rational.

Unfortunately, we need to recognize the need to grow plants that can withstand the extreme weather conditions caused by global climate change.

So the next important task is to create such plants. To do this, I would expand my small scientist team.

Water is the most important thing for us, but we waste it the most.

While other people die of thirst elsewhere, we wash our cars, flush the toilets, and water the lawn with clean water (potable water).

Therefore, I would be in favor of establishing a system where these tasks could be accomplished with clean but non-potable water.

I would make everyone aware of the environmentally friendly way of life from childhood. We must realize that humans have to live in harmony with nature!


“A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.”

John James Audubon