Kincső’s (11) entries

„I always wanted to be an environmentalist and I still want to be.”

It may have existed for billions of years, but we only have the one! I am now in fifth grade and it will always be my goal to protect it and to get others to protect it. One hundred thousand people, one hundred thousand damage. Humans can only defend the Earth from themselves, because we are at fault. It is our fault that the ozone layer punctures, just like the global warming. We are the cause of all this, and if we can’t solve it, there will be trouble soon.

Perhaps nothing will ever happen to Earth in our time, but the next people who will be our grandchildren will die if we do nothing. There are big world organizations, there is the electric car, that’s good, but not enough! If we try, we will succeed, I know! I always wanted to be a conservationist and I still want to be. People started to neglect nature conservation. Even if you trample on an ant, you still deprive someone of life.With my friends, we have already tried, we have done many things to succeed. First, we campaigned against palm oil because producing palm oil leads to the extinction of the primeval forests. We wanted to prevent people from buying food made with palm oil. But we failed because Nutella was one of them. It was very stupid of us, I understand that now. Because we weren’t fighting palm oil, but Nutella, to stop buying it, because then the rainforests will be destroyed, because then more and more palm trees will be planted in place of the jungle.Everybody has been calling us „nutella guys” since then, and everyone in the school started to eat peanut cream purposely. Then we raised money for the Hortobágy Bird Hospital, it wasn’t that bad, nobody laughed at us and nobody did the opposite, we could even let go of swallows, which was super! The Bird Hospital was very happy with the money, they bought food and medicine with it for sick birds.

WE ONLY HAVE ONE Earth. Many times have I tried to figure out with my friends, because they want to be conservationists as well, what to do to protect this Earth? Let’s love it, let’s do something for it! There is much that could be done for it, but we don’t do it. We always tell everyone that we are great conservationists, but in the meantime, we’ve only raised money for the Bird Hospital a few times, in Noszvaj, where we live, we clean the stream, collect the waste selectively, campaign against the palm oil, make posters, collect signatures and do a lot of similar things for three years, but it’s nothing. Of course, this also helps the world, just like planting a plant, but I want to do more for it!

I think nature will always be beautiful as it was, not as it is. As it was! I’m saying our Earth should be green and not gray, although there is not much chance for that now, but I still hope so. I remember at the age of five, with all our friends, we were climbing trees and playing outside in the yard. Now all my classmates have started to sit before the computer, they are no longer interested in outdoor nature, maybe they don’t want to and they can’t either. My classmates, when they trample some beetle, always say that it is good fun, but I think it is very bad to deprive someone of life.

Trees, plants and animals are among the most important things. The trees give air. I know that everyone already knows this, but it would be good if it really was the most important thing!

I feel very sorry for the polar bears, because the ice has melted from under their empire. That is THEIR place, but because of humans, because of climate change, their ice started, starting to melt.

If we can work together, even if not in one day, but in one year we would protect the Earth.

Our school is an eco school, but it would be good if our whole planet were awarded the eco title.

I hope it will be green!