Júlia’s (16) entries

„Plastic wants a vacation.”

I think the plastic is at fault. It is responsible for global warming, the mountains of garbage, the trash islands floating in the ocean and the extinction of animals.

Plastic bottles come on their own and walk into the sea. I understand that they also need some rest, after a lot of hard work. Because, let’s face it, we owe almost everything to them, everything one can wish for is made of them. Everything from mineral water bottles (which could be held in much nicer and colorful jugs), through the sour cream box to my glasses, everything is made of them. So yes, I understand, it’s a hard process for natural gas and petroleum to become plastic, they are already exhausted, but even after this we still use them … No wonder that they are constantly complaining at the recycling plant saying that „no, no, please don’t recycle us, we’re tired, just take us to the sea for a little rest.” But after all this, we are still wondering why they are thrown in there, and we are blaming other people, even though they are not responsible for anything. Now tell me honestly, could you say no to a tired heap of rubbish? Of course not?

So it’s no wonder that more and more plastics are swimming in the water. After all, more and more of us, humans are going on holiday more and more often these days as well. Their work is stressful, they need to relax. We could really forgive them as well. But no, instead we fish them out depriving them of vacation. It doesn’t make much sense, we may just as well could fish properly fish, dolphin, whale, since there is as much plastic in them as in the water itself. We complain that they are poisoning the waters, we will have less food, etc. But who in fact are poisoning them? Because we, humans are the ones who can’t say no to a tired heap of plastic. We must learn to say no to disposable tableware and nylon bags. The plastic is tired, let it relax for a while.

However, I am not saying that we should have something else instead to do all the work, for example that everything should be made of wood. No, it would have the same result. How would a canal look full of wood pieces? I would fear that the wood comes to life and woodmen subjugate the city.

Instead, use a small amount of all materials, metal and wood also, because plastic would be happy to share the work and not have to do all the work alone.

In addition, the search for types of items that can last a longer time could help the materials’ work as well. Do not buy a mass-produced chair that we know will be discarded in a year because that’s what it can take, but rather look for a better quality product that will last.

As I mentioned, let’s not just have wood to do all the work instead of plastic (what would my glasses look like from wood?), because after a while they will all get tired of their role and will do their job negligently. People then try to cheer up the wood and want to make new objects from it. But the wood does not want it, it is tired, it wants to rest in a secluded part of the forest where nobody disturbs it. Or it asks the man to burn it, so it could see the world as ash and travel anywhere. It can see the vast clouds of the sky, say hi to the swallows, and then fall down with its best friend, the exhaust fume to greet passers-by who usually respond with a cough. Or it goes to the sea and sees how its buddies, plastic and oil are, how they spend their holidays at the water.

The world is large with the eyes of waste as well, but I’d rather experience it myself.