Eszter’s (17) entries

„So it is important to work together, since as we can learn from the generations of our parents and grandparents, they can also learn from us with regard to certain things.”

One of our literally most pressing problems today is what we call global climate change. Since this issue has been present in our world since the second half of the 18th century, that is, the first industrial revolution, it is thought-provoking why we have been overlooking it for more than two centuries.

The answer to this, in my opinion, is to be found in the general attitude of people. In my own environment, I find that adults, typically described as responsible people, pretend that everything is okay. Or even if there is a problem, it’s not their business, the government has to solve it, they can’t do anything anyway. This means that they are shaking off the responsibility completely. Naturally, to avoid any misunderstanding, not all adults are like this. My grandmother, for example, at the age of 78 goes to the market with her homemade curtain bags. And there are those who sew linen bags, collect waste selectively and try to encourage everyone in their environment to do so. But unfortunately they are not the majority. The majority cries about the unfortunate fate of the planet, but they are buying plastic bags anyway, they don’t even go half a meter without a car, and unfortunately they communicate to their kids that this is natural. As we know, children are influenced by their parents the most, so chances are that they will start their own independent life in the future in a similar way. This is, of course, more complicated, since teachers can influence youth as well. Unfortunately, however, they have to pass on so much lexical knowledge that they simply do not have the time to talk about such important things. It is fortunate that most of our generation think critically and recognize problems.

So it is important to work together, since as we can learn from the generations of our parents and grandparents, they can also learn from us with regard to certain things. Of course, you don’t have to think about big things, you can organize waste sorting together, sew a linen bag, make a composting facility or just talk about this topic.

But that’s not all we can do. Once we’ve recognized the problem, changed our lifestyle, it’s time to persuade others to try to extinguish the metaphorical „burning house” with us. We should never be content that our conscience is clear from a climate point of view, because many people live outside us in the world, in this complex system where everyone tries to influence people in their own interests. Unlike these interests, however, the future of the Earth must be important to everyone, since we are bound to it. The Earth can live without us, but the reverse is not true.

The environment means not only trees, plants, animals and buildings, but also humans. We, all of us, are the future together, not just the young people and not just the adults, and unless we do something for our planet, no one else will. So take responsibility, don’t shake it off even for a minute, because no one is too small or too insignificant to make a difference.