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„If I were the mayor, I would name the streets after trees and bushes: Blackthorn Street, Currant Square, Linden Street…”

I live with my family in Hajdú-Bihar county, in the town of Biharkeresztes. I have heard a lot about climate change and the environment protection in school and in the media. My parents are doing more and more to protect our environment. So it was not so difficult to think out with my mother and my brother what to do in our city if a good fairy fulfilled my wish and I was the mayor.

There are things that already work for us, but not in an environmentally conscious way. Such is the gardening, which is realized in the public work program. We just have to make a little change and we no longer need to use chemicals. „Pest chasing” plants would be planted in different beds. For example: calendula among tomato seedlings; we would also sow anethum, because that would attract insects that consume aphids in the garden. Of course, we would include professionals in the program who would help with the cultivation. And we would train such professionals in a locally based vocational school. Perhaps this would also stop young people from migrating. We would also set up a composting facility in the city, where the people could dispose of their kitchen waste. An important problem would be solved, as well as fertilization. The fruit would be used by the kitchens in the city to be consumed as widely as possible.

Many years ago, thermal water was found on the border of Biharkeresztes. To his day, it has not been used. I would utilize it from tender sources. First of all, I would solve with it the problem of heating institutions. I would also have solar panels installed. There are tenders in this topic as well. I would modernize the heating of condominiums from this source.

In this fast-paced world, it would be worthwhile to promote programs that bring closer people living in the same neighborhood. They would be responsible for the cleanliness and landscaping of their streets. I would also announce a competition for them called „Clean Court, Nice House” (my grandmother said that such competition existed). For moms and grandmas, I’d set up a club. Here they could learn from one another and invited professionals how to run a chemical-free household. My Mom can make soap and she’s a great lecturer, so we already have the program for our first meeting. There’s a retired old lady in town, who is acquainted with the science of paper spinning. We would recycle the material collected at the school paper collection. We would sell the spun products and we could buy saplings and flower seeds from the money collected. Planting trees on Earth Day or City Day would also be a community task. Families where babies are born, lovers who get married, and graduating students would also plant trees at designated locations in the city. There is also a super lake near us where fish are usually populated. I would involve people in this work as well.

I would invite the people living here to a competition! I would reward the workplace with the least smoking. Those cycling or walking in the town would be rewarded. Not too long ago a bicycle path was built through the city, so safety would not be a problem either. Institutions could also compete: who uses the least paper. I would also announce a car-free day.

I hope a lot of people are environmentally conscious in my city and sooner or later we will see the results of this. But if not, then maybe my good fairy tells the adults that they don’t have to go far for some good ideas!