Réka’s (12) entries

„I want forests and fields with deer and roes in them.”

Let’s get moving, World! Let’s get moving factories, companies, politicians! Pull your boots on your feet and finally get moving! See what’s around us, the trees, the birds, the land, the seas… Turn off the lights, roll up the shutters, let the sun come in! Open the windows to let the fresh air flow in! Breathe in the power of nature for as long as you can, until it gives and not takes, because it will be too late after tomorrow!

Write a bucket list, a short one, just what you really want. What, lots of money? Happy life? Where will you spend it? Will the place still exist where you want to travel? Will there be a dolphin to swim with, beach with sand, zoo with animals? My bucket list reads as follows:

– I want forests and fields with roes and deer.

– I would always like to see winter and have a snowball fight.

– I would always like to see autumn and collect chestnuts.

– I would like to wait for the moving birds in the spring.

– I would like to chill in a pond with clear water in the summer.

– I want to watch bees every year as they collect pollen.

– I want to breath clean, fresh air.

I wish this all came true!

The cold areas warm up and the polar ice caps begin to melt. Therefore, sea levels rise. Scientists predict that this rise will be between 9 and 88 centimeters. Islands and coastal areas can be submerged and eventually disappear definitively. With them, several plants and the animal species that live on them can become extinct. The rise of temperature is caused by the harmful substances in the atmosphere that thin the ozone layer, making it easier for ultraviolet rays to penetrate into the earth’s surface.

Only we, humans and the leaders and politicians who influence the World can stop this. We should somehow find a balance between our environment, our society and our economy.

About the consequences of not taking action in time:

“The planet is, was and always will be stronger than us. We can’t destroy it.

If we overstep the mark, the planet will simply erase us from its surface and carry on existing.

We do not need to save it, but rather recognize our limited abilities and adapt ourselves to it.” (Paulo Coelho)