Endre’s (10) entries

„We should create a computer program in which we can learn about natural disasters.”

It is outrageous that people are littering, committing arson, looting. They pollute the environment. They destroy everything God has created. If we go this way, we will destroy our planet and it will be the end. I’m Endi, 9 years old, and I don’t want that.

I know what could be done! We, kids really like internet games. We care more about them than school or what our parents say. We love challenges, task solutions and success. I can let my imagination soar. It is also possible to meet girls.

Children must be taught to live environmentally conscious lives playfully. We must create computer programs where they can learn about natural disasters, environment pollution, recycling and solving situations. E-players would be in charge of the process and in reality, professionals would help the work to make the mission seem realistic.

In the apparent world everything would be as it was in the original. There are good and bad players. Good players save the world. They are fighting evil people who pollute the environment. Let there be difficulty levels! The harder the mission, the greater the recognition and reward. The winner gets a rank where everyone can see how much he has done to save the virtual planet. There can be several solutions with different means.

For example, today I was thinking about this: if a forest fire appeared, near the Amazon forest or anywhere in the world, a smart monitoring system would immediately alert me on my smart machine with the help of a thermal imaging camera. Drones would attack the area. They would take photos of the scene and those who are nearby. Then we would know how to get quickly to the fire, with how many cars and who caused the fire. The planet would have a central base from which all countries could join. Together we would win.

The scientists would analyze the solutions to the tasks and the whole world would know that Endre Budai-Biró, 4th grade student at the Nagykun Reformed Church Elementary School of Karcag, has solved a very difficult question.

The fantasy of children knows no bounds. They can also provide solutions that may be used to save our planet.