Eszter’s (15) entry

„We need to transform environmental protection into a new trend!”

There are 7.7 billion people on this planet, and contrary to popular belief, this number is not the problem. Ever since humanity has evolved, the tools created for human comfort, and their production, have placed a burden on our Earth.

Devices may have evolved, may not consume as much, or may be more energy efficient, but producing and disposing of them is still a huge problem. Because this 7.7 billion people strive to have better and better living conditions, which is fine, but there is a limit that we should not cross, however, we do not give up on our comfort. This is where the first conflict of interest arises. The Earth needs us, and we need it, but we want more, and because of this, we are able to go to the very end… However, we do not realize that we cannot accumulate more if the ground on which we stand no longer exists. This is where the different environmental organizations come into play, without which we would not even be where we are now. Those who call attention to the present problems and their consequences. What I’m going to say will be shocking perhaps… Everyone knows about the problem, even if they bury it, if they don’t care or deny it, but they KNOW about it. Because it is encoded in us, because we can draw conclusions, and we can also read the statistics, because we know that what was created once must end.

Everyone has thoughts, fears about it, and if we want to achieve something, we must use them. In most areas, be it diplomacy, politics, economics, the source of the problems is the unspoken but existing social differences, and it is no different in this case. The poor suffer from the devastation caused by the wealthy. We need a global organization that anyone can join, with members who have the same rights, regardless of their origin, title, job and earnings. In addition, heads of state and country leaders must set an example for their citizens, because problems will be taken into account only if the prominent persons also tackle them. There is a need for an organization where words are transformed into action rather than just empty promises, which honors its members, where everyone feels important, because where people feel that they have value, it’s much easier to motivate them. It is imitation what would help with that, because that’s the first thing from which we can learn, and after that, from what we’ve learned, we can create something new, better and more personal. This is what we have to do in the case of environmental protection as well, we have to transform it into a new trend and put it in a packaging that people are susceptible to. All service providers, from private to large companies, shall be required to enter the movement, for example, the equipment needed for an environmentally conscious lifestyle must be available at affordable prices for everyone. The goal of starting and sustaining such a movement is not impossible. We need to create several waves that approach the problem and its solution from different angles, so everyone can see the project as personalized and thus easier to implement. It requires a great deal of background work where every professional field is needed. Teachers to pass on the required knowledge to the next generations, the media to promote the news with no obstacles, psychologists to strengthen social relationships and thus unity. Existing environmental organizations would be able to make the most progress by creating the necessary conditions to meet the expectations and achieve the goals, because they depend on each other. This is how we could encourage people to play in the same team, or else we will not just imagine the end of our story…