Kira (16) entries

„So, I beg you, humanity … finally be the superior being you imagine yourself to be!”

You say you understand, while your ears are closed. We humans have ruined everything we could. We lived without consequences, in the today and left a dead world to our own children. We walked on Earth with our eyes closed, which is now covered with waste. We walk on plastic bags and packages instead of the ground. And we think that’s good. We don’t look down, we don’t look anywhere. Because this is not our task, it will be solved by others. But we couldn’t make a bigger mistake. We should do something for the planet we owe our lives to. But we are just taking advantage of and we’re destroying it. We post a million things and cry that we are on the verge of extinction, yet we do nothing. We take care of environment protection by posting a sad picture of a turtle with plastic around its neck. We litter the internet with sad smileys, but why? To convince others how much we care about our environment? And then we go down to the store, buy the meat wrapped in plastic, we even wrap the banana in nylon, and then we offer it to the wind like a flag. Without consequences. We don’t care where it flies, where it is going… Or who will drown thanks to it. We simply post another selfie on how much we are protecting the world, because global warming is so lame. We are surrounded by liars, hypocrites and fashion protectors, while they spit honey-like words into our ears. And we believe them. We believe that change is on the doorstep and should only be let in. We believe that plastic production is decreasing, that seas are being cleaned, that the animals are protected, that they are closing different factories. We believe that in the next 10 years we can still bathe in the nature. We all believe that everything will be solved and the sky will be glowing in blue again. Because we believe all the pleasant lies that are used to soothe us. Because we lay our heads happily on the pillow knowing that polar bears will be saved. However, they are constantly being destroyed, just like the forests. The world is burning, the earth is boiling, the animals are dying, the waters are getting poisoned and what do we do? We post it to all existing social networking sites and then buy a new collector’s dress to support it. Because we are gullible. We believe the prominent people, since only they can do something for the cause. But that’s a mistake! They don’t do anything. It is not their children and their future that is being ruined. It’s ours. So we have to act, we have to do something. We must now shout as one voice, beat as one heart; so that we are finally not just splinters on the wound of our Earth, but patch. Because currently we’re just lying parasites exterminating themselves. Come to your sense and get out of the armchair! This is not about territory occupation or the reputation of a nation. Not about money or fame. Here, humanity and our Earth are at stake. We should not search for another planet, but protect this one. We should finally realize that this is not about wealth that we acquire from each other. Because I understand that oil and plastic mean big money. I understand how much money is made of straws. I understand, and I don’t care! Because it doesn’t matter now, it is not important anymore. It’s not about money but about surviving! And if people don’t realize this very soon, the millions they sit on will be no good at all. Because money does not produce air and cannot be eaten. Because on the top of an extinct Earth, the billionaire also disappears. This should be finally understood!

We are young, we are beginning to understand that our life is not a game and there are bigger problems than an F grade in math. And that’s why we should act now. Because only we understand it, only we feel it. We need to act now as one man. We need to breathe now at the same time. Because that’s why we live: to fight every day. Because every day is a new chance for action. To do what the money-hungry liars can’t do. Now it’s our turn, our existence. It depends on our generation whether life can carry on. This is our Earth, our home. Please, do not let others to destroy it.

So, I beg you, humanity… finally be the superior being you imagine yourself to be!