Kitti’s (13) entries

„My mission is the „waste mission.”

I take the waste issue very seriously. I don’t know where this came from, because everyone around me thinks I’m crazy or laughs at me because of this „bug.” Yes, I’ve got a bug. But I don’t care, because I know that my cause is a good cause, the „waste cause”. It’s a good cause and it is worth dealing with. I was very happy when my teacher asked me to write about this, because at last, there is someone who listens.

I think people should live more consciously. They should pay more attention to their environment, nature and themselves. What does this consciousness consist of? Here are some basic things. First of all, it is very important that people do not pollute nature with their discarded garbage. Many times I see that the streets where we live in are littered with garbage, and that is terrible.

Secondly, we should pay more attention to what we buy and how much we buy. Big companies and their advertisements force on us a lot of products that we don’t need, yet they make us feel like we really need to. The goal is to buy as much as possible, no matter how useless things they are. And when we get home full of packed baskets, we eat and drink a lot of unhealthy stuff and then throw the packaging in the trash, with a „job well done” feeling.But the truth is that the rubbish and the packaging don’t disappear by throwing it in the trash. It is transported from our trash bin to the landfill and then it is piled in heaps or sometimes incinerated, which produces toxic fumes.

People should go more to the market with their little bags and put in there what they buy. In this way, we do not support big companies but local producers with our money. I think the stores should be closed on Sundays, at least there would be one shopping-free day during the week.

I think it is very good to have selective waste collection, which reduces the amount of garbage in the world. However, unfortunately, many adults do not collect waste selectively, even though it is possible in our town. However, I do not think that selective collection would be the solution to the waste problem, but that if we did not produce garbage in the first place. And this could be achieved if manufacturing companies would pay attention to what their products are packed into. Instead of a plastic bottle, drinks and milk, for example, could be poured into a bottle, which could then be recycled. Soft drinks and water bottles could also be made recyclable and then they would not end up in the trash right away.

Companies that do not comply with the rules on environmentally friendly packaging could be fined. In addition, I would definitely prohibit the sale of plastic bags in stores. There wouldn’t be plastic bags at the vegetable and fruit counters either.

In my opinion, the future we create for ourselves and our children can depend on such small things. We have a choice. We can live on a planet without varied fauna, covered with infertile lands and desert areas, where the air is poisoned and the water is undrinkable, or we take our destiny finally in our own hands and solve the „garbage” problem.